What Do Twitter Readers Want?

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Maybe some of you saw it: a list of what readers want on Medium.  Medium is a site that, in reality, attracts some very talented writers who cover every subject on the planet from books to banks, from entertainment to ecology.

Today, Medium emailed “What Medium Readers Are Hungry For.”  (As an aside, it appears as if my posts have not come close to dishing up what Medium readers crave.)

Tweet. Tweet.

Tweet. Tweet.

So, what do you want?  Another ad to buy a book or sign up for 1,000 Twitter followers or tips on how to find love and happiness?  Maybe so.  But what I’ve learned under the tutelage of one savvy marketing guru (and supported by all kinds of surveys), is that social media doesn’t sell.  It’s like trying to get folks to buy a lawn mower when they live in an apartment or to shell out money for a book about, say, siblings, when adults are onlies and they have no children.

With a Twitter Tweet limited to 140 characters, the format is down and dirty.  Abbreviations are common; links are de riguer.  Photos help a lot.  But they eat up a lot of characters.

But back to the question: What floats your boat in the tweets you follow, “like”, retweet?

I won’t give you too many subjects Medium readers want.  And, mind you, there is no word limit. Posters can write to their hearts’ content.

  • Poetry (Really?  I thought the nay sayers have decreed that poetry [excluding rap] is dead.
  • Feminism (Again.  That’s a surprise!  The name Gloria Steinem means little or nothing to the majority of young females today.  And who would ever think of burning her bra?)
  • Black Lives Matter  (Hmmm . . . Bill Clinton didn’t seem to think so a few days ago.  And I’d reckon that the majority of Donald Trump supporters want all those black folks [and Muslims and Mexicans and immigrants period] to go back where they came from.

What subjects do you want to “like” on Twitter? When you get a Direct Message in which one of your new followers thanks you and then tries to sell you something, how often do you click and buy?  Do you hunger for longer tweets?  What’s the value of having followers who somehow found you but have absolutely nothing in common?  (Followers with “Christian values” on chick lit sites with lots of sex.  Or CEOs of janitorial services who follow self-described slobs.)

Is more more?  Or more less?  Or less more?  (I opt for the last, but the odds are not in my favor.)
















I woke up yesterday morning and had almost 300 new Twitter followers.

Before I spent a chunk of my time unfollowing 99% of them, I categorized those folks who should follow someone else.

1.  If you’re a professional embalmer, don’t apply.  I mean, someone has to preserve dead bodies.  But the whole business is creepy.  Cremation is sounding better and better.

2.  If you tweet in a foreign language (excluding Spanish), please don’t follow me.  I can’t imagine what you get from my tweets in English, and I know I don’t have a clue as to what you’re saying in yours.

3.  If your focus is on greeting each day with a smile or being the best you can be, please spread your wisdom and joy elsewhere.  I have enough of my own affirmations to last a lifetime.

4.  If you use a default egg avatar, please don’t bother.  A default egg avatar? Hey, I didn’t know what the term meant, either. Simply put, the user doesn’t upload an image. My feeling: If you don’t want to expose yourself, why putz around with social media?  Better to spend your time at the library.

5.  If you are a poor bio-less user, get a life.  Think of something . . . anything to write.  Make it up.  Plagiarize. Why would I (or anyone else) take a leap of faith and want to follow you, if all I have is a name?  I might just as well close my eyes and point to a name in the phonebook.  (Remember those?)

6.  Ah, and that brings me to all you extroverts out there with your sexy bods.  Yeah, I’m talking to the guys with no shirts and six packs and their tight jeans barely covering their . . . well, you get my point.  And I’m talking to you sex kittens with the come hither expressions and the leather getups.  Give freehookups.com a shot.

7.  If you praise be to God and thank Him for everything good that has ever happened to you in your entire life, you don’t need me.

8.  If you’re one of a million entrepreneurs who charges for Twitter followers, please sell your wares elsewhere.  Why would anyone want to pay for followers when they can have some of mine for free?