Your Sibling Ties

I’ve written The Sibling Connection.  (Book is 50% off through November.)

(BTW, it was a bear coming up with a title.  These days, key words can make all the difference.  They position a book on Amazon and all the other book sites.  They can determine where your book appears.  No longer can an author just go with it when it comes to a book title.)


An artist designed what I think is a stellar cover.

I redid my web site header.

I’ve posted and boosted on Facebook.  A zillion times.

I’ve tweeted until I’m all tweeted out.

Linkedin has been a trusted tool.

I’m “attending” yet another webinar on marketing books.

I have written what are called Book Bubbles on

I’ve begged friends, family, experts, interviewees to write a customer review on Amazon once they’ve downloaded and read the book.

I’m waiting for five 5-star reviews until I can sign up for a spiffy web program that promotes ebooks to the “world.”

I’ve contacted sibling groups and organizations around the globe.

I’m about to go back to Google+ and maybe even Instagram.

What else is an author to do?

Well, I’ll turn to you.  Give me some love.  Some feedback.  Some of your stories.

I need some juice.  Some energy to make it through the slog of marketing a book on an almost non existent budget.


How’s it going?  Are you and your siblings close?  How did your childhood impact your connections as an adult?  In what ways do you think your siblings have shaped your life?  How has your relationship changed over the year?  What happened when a parent was ill or dying?  Did the circumstances bring you closer?  Further apart?  How do you get along with your sibling’s spouse?

The questions are endless.  But they are important.  They help me find different takes on what this longest-lasting human relationship is all about.

So, give me some love.  Give me your sibling stories.




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