OMG! Mercury Is Going Backward


Well, Mercury is not really going in the wrong direction: the planet just appears to be.

So, who cares?  I do.  After the last week of technology going wacky, car problems, deals (my son’s) gone awry, I’m once again a believer.

Yesterday, I told my husband numerous times, “This must be a Mercury Retrograde.”

He looked at me as if I were off my rocker.  Again!  “You’re not still into that astrology stuff, are you?  I thought you dumped it years ago.”

I had.  I stopped keeping track of “my” astrologer’s readings that I’d carefully noted on my calendar.  It seemed more trouble than it was worth and more than 50% accurate but . . . I’d given up on “readings” of all kinds, though my session with Robert The Reader that I wrote about in Psychology Today and blogged about on April 12, 2018, has stuck with me all these years.  (Check it out.)


The origin of observing cosmic phenomena goes back thousands of years, when people thought the cosmos revolved around the Earth, long before Google and Neil deGrasse Tyson. But Mercury never actually “retrogrades.”

It’s just an illusion caused by the rotation of the Earth, like passing a local train that appears to be going backwards because you’re on an express train, moving so quickly past it.

The last time a planet had any effect on us, Helfand says, is when a chunk of rock that would eventually become Mars crashed into Earth and created the moon 4.5 billion years ago.

By Tim Donnelly and Robert Rorke – New York Post, September 29, 2015

Written by two diehard skeptics who do have a lot of scientific support on their side.

I say, science be damned; at least, in this case.  (Don’t get me started on climate change deniers.)

So, Mercury Retrograde officially began on July 26 of this year and runs to August 19.  Whew!  Less than a week to go!

This is how my life has been turned upside down:

  • I lost my car keys (which I later found in a jacket pocket).  My backup keys didn’t work.  I called Kia.  Had I tried replacing the battery?  In fact, I had gone to a jeweler and had it replaced.  Well, the Kia lady said.  You’ll have to have your car towed to the nearest Kia dealership.  Was she out of her mind?  Sure, it would be free, but I’d have to wait, possibly a full day to get my car back, while the something-or-other was reprogrammed.  (BTW, did I mention that this all occurred on my birthday?)  Okay, so I called my closest dealership and was told the next appointment was four days away.  I begged and pleaded, said I couldn’t afford not to go to work (Okay, so I lied: I work at home), mentioned a week end trip I’d no longer be able to take.  (Yep, I fibbed again.  But, hey, I’m a quick study of Trump and the rest of his cronies.)  The poor Kia lady put me on hold, went to talk to her boss who kindly said he would fit me in the following day.  I skipped the appointment and paid a locksmith instead, dumping $80 for about three minutes of his time when he opened the spare key and saw that the new battery had been put in upside down.
  • Without warning, our Xfinity modem bit the dust.  Down to the Xfinity store to pick up a new one.  Returned home, my husband set it up, and we were set to go.  Ah, not so fast!  Seems as if the new modem didn’t like the Netgear router we’d had installed a few years back.  Result: we couldn’t get online.  Another hour spent on the phone with an Xfinity agent who finally, out of frustration, had us disconnect the Netgear and select Xfinity as our WiFi hook up. (Gee, what a surprise!)
  • Oh, I forgot: after our modem went done, so did our phones.  We couldn’t get a dial tone and were forced to use our cells.  That issue required a visit from an Xfinity guy whose accent made it difficult to understand.  In the end, after all the angst and time, the problem was a disconnected phone line in the jack in my office.  Oy!

Okay, by now, I was convinced that we were under the spell of a Mercury Retrograde and that our best tactic would be to burrow into a cave until the damn planet stopped looking like it was going backward.

  • We decided to buy a new, small Roku TV to replace the one in our kitchen that was at least 21 years old.  You guessed it:  We got all 30 Roku stations but none of the local and national.  And who watches Netflix or Amazon Prime or any of the other streaming channels in the kitchen?  Not enough time.  Cook a meal and head to the den where lives the big TV.
  • One final Mercury Retrograde disaster.  Our ADT alarm system went out.  My poor husband with sensitive hearing was trying to relax after two days of MR hell when the ghastly loud alarm went off.  A call to ADT did not solve the problem.  And unless we wanted to have the alarm go off throughout the night, it needed to be disarmed until a repair person could fix it the next day.  If we’d had a guard dog, we would have let him out of his cage to warn us of any intruders.  We don’t have a dog.  We left the downstairs light on.

Sure, all of this could have taken place at any time.  And I’m sure all those scientists out there who study this stuff would tell me that it was just a matter of bad luck.  They can have their research to back them up.  I’ll stick with my nemesis Mercury that goes backward four times a year.







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