Dead Serious

Dead Serious

Jane Mersky Leder’s newest eBook, DEAD SERIOUS: YOUTH SUICIDE, is now available to download at the links below.

Written for youth and adults, the updated book is an important addition for parents, teachers, teens, and peer counselors who seek to understand the statistics, debunk myths, and develop ways to help prevent youth suicide.

Praise for Dead Serious

“A YASD Best Book for Young Adults” Booklist

“An authoritative, compassionate look at an important subject.” Publishers Weekly

“DEAD SERIOUS is a must purchase for any library or counselor who serves young adults.” Children’s Book Review Service, Inc.                    

“A book to be read by everyone” Detroit News

“A readable, nontechnical approach to the subject.” Kirkus Reviews

“Maybe lives could be saved if people became aware of DEAD SERIOUS.” Marlboro Enterprise

“Jane Mersky Leder doesn’t read self-help books when times get tough. She writes them.” –Chicago Magazine